Our aim an mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle. We wish to make everybody aware that through everyday use of natural products from the Merino wool, not only we improve our overall health but also significantly reduce expenses relating to medical appointments or bills for heating the house. Wool from the Merino sheep is the best natural insulator. Sleeping in Merino bedding significantly improves the circulation, warms up the joints and muscles, reduces the allergic skin reactions like eczema, eases rheumatical pains, considerably leads to improved sleeping pattern, creates a microclimate that does not lead to body overheating. It also mantains constant body temperature both during winter and summer, along with its non-inflammable properties.If a healthy lifestyle is so important to us and we follow it through sport or consumption of organic products, then why should we forget about the fact that people spend one third of their lives in bed? That’s what we are here for. We offer you clean, natural and organic products from the best wool in the world that is recommended to everyone regardless of age and gender. Our whole assortment satisfies all curative properties guaranteed by the international authority overlooking the Woolmark quality control. We pay extra attention to the quality of products that we offer as they are of the highest standards that do not deviate in the smallest detail to those offered by our competition. In our shop you will find everything – products for children, adults, the elderly, that will serve you for years while you will be content with your health and savings thanks to our products.